A small stud needs to define its niche.

Why Black?

We were drawn to black animals by their beauty and the challenge of raising the standard of black fleeces, so we started with sound blue-black genetics and built from there.

To a core of blue-black Chilean girls sourced from the great blacks, including the unforgettable Aymara Talisman, we have added  the services of imported Sires which bring the latest Peruvian genetics to Tasmania.


Using the Sara Lee approach (layer upon layer) we now have cria with several generations of elite Peruvian lineage.

By breeding to the strengths of quality females using National quality males, the character of our most recent fleeces suggests we are heading in the right direction. We continue to dream of black fleeces that are as good as today’s advanced whites.


Black never goes out of fashion and as the only naturally black fleece, black alpaca doesn’t need dyeing or bleaching: it’s beautiful just as it is. Black alpaca has an amazing lustre and its soft handle translates into luxurious, draping fabrics and knits.

From a husbandry viewpoint, alpacas are known as a creature that is gentle on the land. Breeding fine black fleece for chemical-free processing ensures that our enterprise is as environmentally friendly as we can feasibly make it.