Owning alpacas as pets or as a business is a family-friendly activity that can involve children from quite a young age.

Alpacas as Pets

Hand-feeding, halter-training and show handling can all be managed by children with appropriate supervision and teaches many useful lifeskills: responsibility, kindness and pride in achievement. Having children involved in the reality of birthing is also an interesting exercise.

Not every alpaca enjoys the sustained attention that a pet will receive, but at Wharncliffe we have a number of pets available each year, chosen for their suitability for family life. Your pets will be halter-trained, ready to join your family for many happy years.


Remember that alpacas always need an alpaca friend, so pets are sold in trios or pairs, unless joining an existing herd.

Currently available: A wide range of animals are available this year: pets, hobby breeders and stud stock for the serious black herd.

This year’s cria are approaching weaning age, a good time to bond to a new family so if you’d like to visit the babies and adopt a pair soon, call Alison to arrange a visit.