We have been breeding alpacas since 1995, but have not forgotten how it feels to be a new breeder with a great need for support and advice.

Help is at hand

Our assistance is ongoing for as long as it is required and might include advice on farm layout, shelter and nutrition and assistance with nail trimming and injections.

When you have small numbers of animals, it isn’t economic to purchase litres of vaccine/Vit ADE which will pass its Use By date before you finish it. We can help with this and supply the small items you’ll need.

Birthing kit: Most births happen without assistance, but occasionally help is needed. We can supply small amounts of the bits and pieces you should have on hand for emergencies.

Halters: Properly fitting halters are an essential bit of kit. At Wharncliffe we use and supply Zephyr halters from Marty McGee of Camelidynamics. Zephyr halters are available in 4 sizes and a range of colours.