Salamanca Market

Posted on December 14th, 2015

Salamanca Market is one of Tasmania’s iconic visitor destinations with 25,000 visitors every week.

ALPACA SOUTH (part of Wharncliffe Alpaca Stud) now has a Casual Licence, so we are present whenever we succeed in obtaining one of the limited number of Casual Sites.

Follow our Facebook Page ( each week to see where we will be located - it could be anywhere in the market!

The following items are available: Yarn from the Wharncliffe Best Blacks, raw fleece and rovings for spinners. 100% alpaca  throws, scarves and shawls. Australian yarn in fashion colours and Australian-made pullovers and knitwear when available.  Baby items and a wide range of 100% alpaca knitwear  including handknits made in Hobart. from Wharncliffe yarn. Lots of choice and orders can be taken if we don’t have what you are looking for on the day. Eftpos facilities available.

Alpaca South at Salamanca Market

Alpaca South at Salamanca Market


Posted on May 4th, 2015

“Alpaca South” brings together two of Tasmania’s foremost alpaca studs, Mossvale and Wharncliffe.

Each stud specialises in coloured huacaya: Wharncliffe breeds only black and Mossvale runs a herd of 200 white and black alpacas.

For information on the studs contact:

Wharncliffe: or 0438 297 147

Mossvale: or 0412 430 982 or visit

Our Site on 7th Avenue, #732, will host a display of Champion fleeces and animals, with information on developing a stud or hobby herd, & guidance for prospective owners of pets or stud stock. As well, there will be a wide range of alpaca products for sale: raw fleece, rovings for handspinners, 100% alpaca throws, scarves and shawls. Gifts for Mothers Day and a fabulous new range of knitwear.

Do come and visit us!

Out and About in Autumn

Posted on March 25th, 2015

We’ve had lots of events lately but are staying home over Easter, doing final matings amongst other things. The Cottage Farm Shop will be open each day for beautiful throws, scarves, black yarn, raw fleece and baby items. If you are using the Easter break to catch up in the garden, come and pick up some bags of alpaca poo, a great garden-food. Come and preview our Sale animals!

Coming events:

April 12th: Autumn in the Valley at New Norfolk

May 2nd & 3rd: Farm Open Day and Sale, celebrating the AAA’s 25th birthday

May 7-9th: Agfest: find us at site 732, trading as Alpaca South

May 10th: Farm Open Day and Sale, part of Australian Alpaca Week.

Absolutely Agfest

Posted on February 2nd, 2015

May 2015 brings Agfest - 3 days of everything agricultural starting on Thursday May 7th. Wharncliffe Alpaca Stud and Mossvale Alpacas join forces as Alpaca South to present an industry view with Champion alpacas and Supreme Champion fleeces on display, with practical and information sessions and - of course! - alpaca products for sale. More information as it comes to hand.

Wharncliffe Knitting Yarn

Posted on January 27th, 2015

A number of fleeces from Wharncliffe alpacas who have won multiple Best Black awards have been processed into rovings for hand spinners and yarn for knitters. It lustrous, soft and just as black as it could be. Contact Alison by email to enquire.

Happy Anniversary - 20 today!

Posted on January 25th, 2015

On Australia Day 1995, I purchased my first alpaca - Laura, a blue-eyed white and Ben the alpaca/llama wether. Together they cost the equivalent of a small european car. Since then, we have changed direction to breeding black, focussed and refocussed and invested in quality animals of Peruvian genetics. It has been great fun - often frustrating - and I have met the best and the worst of people along the way. What hasn’t changed, except to increase - is the fascination these animals have for me with the neverending challenge of improving their fleeces. The AAA celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2015, so together we are looking forward to a great year.


Posted on June 6th, 2014

Alpacas come from high altitudes, so they are well adapted to the cold. In Tassie, we often have the combination of wind and rain which creates windchill concerns, especially for recently shorn, very young or elderly alpacas. It’s important to make sure the herd can get out of the wind. Consider coating vulnerable animals. Think about stud males who might be too interested in watching the girls to  think of getting out of the weather. Keeping condition on is cheaper than regaining weight lost, so body score your animals and increase rations for animals that are losing condition. Check any lactating dams with big summer cria who might be nearly ready for weaning. Vitamin D supplementation is important through the darker months: check with your vet for the right dose. Late winter is often a peak time for increased parasite loads, so clean up the poo piles and do FEC samples. One thing - our cold winters grow lovely fleeces!

Awesome Agfest

Posted on May 7th, 2014

We - and 60-odd thousand others - had a great time at Agfest this year. To the many who came and talked to us at Alpaca South: thank you and come back soon. If Agfest was your first encounter with alpacas, do get in touch with Alison to make further enquiries about the lovely young wethers we have available.  Or visit Wharncliffe to inspect the breeding stock and our young cria. Products such as throws, scarves, vests and yarn from the Wharncliffe Best Blacks are available on an ongoing basis: for the moment by emailing or calling Alison, but soon online: watch this space!

One corner of our marquee at Agest14

May’s mighty Agfest

Posted on April 24th, 2014

Wharncliffe will be at Agfest next week at Site 503, trading as ALPACA SOUTH. (turn right into 5th Avenue from Main Street and we’re on the right.) This year Mossvale Alpacas will join us to add an extra dimension to the display.  Agfest is Tasmania’s 3-day field event, always starting on the 1st Thursday of May. It attracts between 65 and 70,000 visitors.

VISIT SITE 503 to engage with the Wharncliffe Blacks and the Mossvale alpacas and learn about the industry from a fleece and stud perspective. There will be champion fleeces on display, demonstrating the development our two studs have made during our combined 30 years of breeding. Watch demonstrations of skirting, spinning and carding. See what is made from our lovely fleeces with sale of knitting yarn, handknits, throws, scarves and pullovers.  Site 503 May 1-3

Alpaca Products

Posted on April 1st, 2014

'Tartan' in natural colours

'Tartan' in natural colours

Alpaca fleece is light, warm & soft, with a very low prickle factor (no scratchiness)  That is just what you need in a cuddly rug, stylish wrap or scarf. A wide range of soft, brushed throws in natural colours - and scarves in fashion colours - is now in stock at Wharncliffe. Email or phone Alison to discuss colours and delivery. Prices start at $55.00. Eftpos, PayPal or Direct Deposit to suit you.