Alpacas @ Agfest

Posted on April 13th, 2017

Wharncliffe Alpaca Stud, t/a ALPACA SOUTH will be at Agfest again, with a large, independent site near the Craft Sheds, on Eighth Avenue - Site 836. From the main gate: go up Main Street to Eighth Avenue, and turn left. We’re on the RHS as you approach North Street. There we’ll present alpacas from an industry perspective, looking beyond the ‘cute factor’ to developing a viable farm alternative. Hand feed the alpacas - get your fingers into wool straight off the animals - help me skirt it for processing! - handspun yarns, other commercial yarns and my own beautiful black yarns will be there to purchase, along with scarves, throws and hats. Information for new owners willingly shared. See you there.

Pop Up at Brooke Street

Posted on April 13th, 2017

The Brooke Street Pier is a stylish floating wharf where the MONA and Peppermint Bay ferries leave from. Alpaca South has a site in their market zone until April 25th. We have knits: beanies, neckwarmers and scarves made in Hobart plus the beautiful Australian Alpaca throws and knee rugs. If you’re visiting Hobart over Easter, come and find us! Open 9.30-6pm, every day.

Yarn Ramble 2017

Posted on December 31st, 2016

Wharncliffe is happy to be participating in the 1st Tasmanian Yarn Ramble (Mar 2nd-Mar 9th) During the Ramble, we will be at Salamanca Market on Saturdays (site TBA) with an Open Farm on Sunday 5th. Other times by appointment.  The Wharncliffe Black Alpacas will be on show - and there will be a range of fleeces, rovings and yarn from the Wharncliffe Best Blacks. As well, there will be Australian Alpaca yarn in plain colours and beautiful hand-dyed Rainbow colours. Special Discounts for Ramblers. Our Market stock will also be there for inspiration and sale. Contact Alison ahead of time if you have special requirements: the alpacas have just been shorn, so it’s a good time to make a selection of fleeces. Wharncliffe is only 12 minutes or so from Hobart, en route to the Huon and Channel.

Salamanca Site 12 - Saturday November 19

Posted on November 15th, 2016

Wharncliffe t/a Alpaca South will be at the Market again after 2 weeks off being busy with a wedding and the Huon Show. Come and find us on the park side near Davey Street for all your Christmas shopping. There are lots of price brackets from $11 to $90 for yarn, handknitted beanies, infinity scarves and fringed scarves in several weights.  If you’re looking for special treats, there are knee rugs in natural alpaca colours ($110) a glorious heirloom baby shawl and of course our beautiful throws in natural colours which are still under $200. Treat yourself and your family to beautiful alpaca this week at Salamanca.

SHEARING - black gold!

Posted on November 14th, 2016

Partly the least favourite day of the year - and also one of the most exciting, watching those fleeces come off: we’ll be shearing in the first week of December. SOOO much to do before then. Orders are being taken now for raw fleece, if you have specific needs in terms of colour ( eg with or without cria tips or colour variation) staple length or micron. Contact Alison through the website or FB if you would like to discuss your requirements.

Specific fleeces can also be processed into yarn in a mini mill if you wish it.

Most of our fleeces are inky black but it is possible to mix various shades of grey - maybe not 50 but definitely silver-grey and charcoal will be done this year.

Blacks at the Huon Show

Posted on November 14th, 2016

The Huon Show is a favourite and although it was smaller than in other years, I was pleased with the results.

Junior Female 6-<12 mths: Wharncliffe Milla: 1st - &  Res Champion Jnr Fem
Junior Female 6-<12 mths: Wharncliffe Evdokia: 2nd
Junior Male 6-<12 mths:     Wharncliffe Mikhail: 1st
Junior Male 6-<12 mths:     Wharncliffe Sirius: 2nd
Adult Female:18-<30 mths: Wharncliffe Primula: 1st - Champion Adult Female & Best Black Huacaya
Adult Female: 18-<30 mths: Wharncliffe Anastasia: 2nd
Senior Female: 30-<48 mths: Wharncliffe Vanya: 1st
Senior Male: 30- <48 mths: Canchones Urban Maestro: 1st
Best Black Huacaya: Wharncliffe Primula

6-12 mths: Wh Anastasia: 1st
6-12 mths: Wh Primula: 2nd
18-30 mths: Canchones Urban Maestro: 1st, Reserve Champion and BEST BLACK FLECE
18-30 mths: Wh. Vanya: 2nd
RESERVE CHAMPION FLEECE 18-30 mths: Urban Maestro

Best Black Fleece:    Canchones Urban Maestro

Sire’s Progeny:        Canchones Anarchist ET (with Jnrs  Wh. Milla and Wh. Mikhail)
Dam’s Progeny::     Wharncliffe Evangeline (with Jnr Wh. Evdokia and Snr Wh. Vanya)

Thanks to Judge Ben Schmaal for his useful observations and kind encouragement.

the Best Blacks at the Royal

Posted on October 23rd, 2016

Show Results for the 2016 Royal Hobart Show:

Halter Classes:
Junior Female 6-<12 months: Wharncliffe Milla - First
Junior Male 6-<12 months: Wharncliffe Mikhail - First
Adult Female 18 - <30 months: Wharncliffe Primula - First
Senior Female 30-<48 months: Wharncliffe Vanya - First and Champion Senior Female
Senior Male 30 - <48 months: Canchones Urban Maestro - First, Reserve Champion Senior Male and Best Black
Sire’s Progeny - Canchones Anarchist with Milla & Mikhail - 3rd.

Fleeces: 6-12 months Primula (First) 18-<30: Urban Maestro - First and Best Black.

I wasn’t able to attend in person but kind friends presented these 5 animals for me, for which I’m very grateful. The judge’s comments were very positive & encouraging, particularly relating to density and handle.

Today’s results demonstrate the strength of Canchones Anarchist in adding handle, density and lustre to the herd: Milla, Mikhail and Vanya are all his offspring and there are more in the paddock with the same characteristics. Note that these three are closely related via their dams, all of whom stem from Canchones Mystic, a pivotal female in the herd. The females are just as important as the boys.

Females mated to Urban Maestro will be available for sale in the New Year. We also have a selection of Certified Males from outstanding genetics with excellent show results who are now surplus to our needs. These chaps can be viewed if you contact me on

Alpacas at Agfest

Posted on April 14th, 2016

May means Agfest and Wharncliffe Alpaca Stud will be at the event, under our ALPACA SOUTH flag.

We’re on Second Avenue, Site 204 (towards the South-West corner)  and will have black alpacas, Wharncliffe alpaca products and many other wonderful items. Information on alpaca ownership readily shared.

Come and celebrate Australian Alpaca Week with Wharncliffe, now in our 22nd year of breeding black alpacas.

Salamanca Market

Posted on December 14th, 2015

Salamanca Market is one of Tasmania’s iconic visitor destinations with 25,000 visitors every week.

ALPACA SOUTH (part of Wharncliffe Alpaca Stud) now has a Casual Licence, so we are present whenever we succeed in obtaining one of the limited number of Casual Sites.

Follow our Facebook Page ( each week to see where we will be located - it could be anywhere in the market!

The following items are available: Yarn from the Wharncliffe Best Blacks, raw fleece and rovings for spinners. 100% alpaca  throws, scarves and shawls. Australian yarn in fashion colours and Australian-made pullovers and knitwear when available.  Baby items and a wide range of 100% alpaca knitwear  including handknits made in Hobart. from Wharncliffe yarn. Lots of choice and orders can be taken if we don’t have what you are looking for on the day. Eftpos facilities available.

Alpaca South at Salamanca Market

Alpaca South at Salamanca Market


Posted on May 4th, 2015

“Alpaca South” brings together two of Tasmania’s foremost alpaca studs, Mossvale and Wharncliffe.

Each stud specialises in coloured huacaya: Wharncliffe breeds only black and Mossvale runs a herd of 200 white and black alpacas.

For information on the studs contact:

Wharncliffe: or 0438 297 147

Mossvale: or 0412 430 982 or visit

Our Site on 7th Avenue, #732, will host a display of Champion fleeces and animals, with information on developing a stud or hobby herd, & guidance for prospective owners of pets or stud stock. As well, there will be a wide range of alpaca products for sale: raw fleece, rovings for handspinners, 100% alpaca throws, scarves and shawls. Gifts for Mothers Day and a fabulous new range of knitwear.

Do come and visit us!