the Best Blacks at the Royal

Show Results for the 2016 Royal Hobart Show:

Halter Classes:
Junior Female 6-<12 months: Wharncliffe Milla - First
Junior Male 6-<12 months: Wharncliffe Mikhail - First
Adult Female 18 - <30 months: Wharncliffe Primula - First
Senior Female 30-<48 months: Wharncliffe Vanya - First and Champion Senior Female
Senior Male 30 - <48 months: Canchones Urban Maestro - First, Reserve Champion Senior Male and Best Black
Sire’s Progeny - Canchones Anarchist with Milla & Mikhail - 3rd.

Fleeces: 6-12 months Primula (First) 18-<30: Urban Maestro - First and Best Black.

I wasn’t able to attend in person but kind friends presented these 5 animals for me, for which I’m very grateful. The judge’s comments were very positive & encouraging, particularly relating to density and handle.

Today’s results demonstrate the strength of Canchones Anarchist in adding handle, density and lustre to the herd: Milla, Mikhail and Vanya are all his offspring and there are more in the paddock with the same characteristics. Note that these three are closely related via their dams, all of whom stem from Canchones Mystic, a pivotal female in the herd. The females are just as important as the boys.

Females mated to Urban Maestro will be available for sale in the New Year. We also have a selection of Certified Males from outstanding genetics with excellent show results who are now surplus to our needs. These chaps can be viewed if you contact me on