Blacks at the Huon Show

The Huon Show is a favourite and although it was smaller than in other years, I was pleased with the results.

Junior Female 6-<12 mths: Wharncliffe Milla: 1st - &  Res Champion Jnr Fem
Junior Female 6-<12 mths: Wharncliffe Evdokia: 2nd
Junior Male 6-<12 mths:     Wharncliffe Mikhail: 1st
Junior Male 6-<12 mths:     Wharncliffe Sirius: 2nd
Adult Female:18-<30 mths: Wharncliffe Primula: 1st - Champion Adult Female & Best Black Huacaya
Adult Female: 18-<30 mths: Wharncliffe Anastasia: 2nd
Senior Female: 30-<48 mths: Wharncliffe Vanya: 1st
Senior Male: 30- <48 mths: Canchones Urban Maestro: 1st
Best Black Huacaya: Wharncliffe Primula

6-12 mths: Wh Anastasia: 1st
6-12 mths: Wh Primula: 2nd
18-30 mths: Canchones Urban Maestro: 1st, Reserve Champion and BEST BLACK FLECE
18-30 mths: Wh. Vanya: 2nd
RESERVE CHAMPION FLEECE 18-30 mths: Urban Maestro

Best Black Fleece:    Canchones Urban Maestro

Sire’s Progeny:        Canchones Anarchist ET (with Jnrs  Wh. Milla and Wh. Mikhail)
Dam’s Progeny::     Wharncliffe Evangeline (with Jnr Wh. Evdokia and Snr Wh. Vanya)

Thanks to Judge Ben Schmaal for his useful observations and kind encouragement.